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Total Solar Eclipse Cancer New Moon

July 3, 2019

The Eclipse is a representation of our outer & inner minds eye or our 'optic nerve' / perception from a sensory perception; i.e. what you can see and feel from project light from the dark, our subconscious.

Once someone said to me 'Optiks last night the Moon was so so powerful it felt like everywhere I went, she the Moon was watching and following me everywhere I can feel her energy, you know similar to when you feel someones gaze on you, it was trippy'. I laughed and replied. "That's very interesting the Ancients viewed the celestial bodies as actual deities, however in the body of our Universe the Sun and Moon were said to be a more powerful God & Goddess of the Gods and Goddesses the Sun was the right eye and the Moon was considered the left eye. I'll share a personal vision of mine in the Astrals. I was sitting on the edge of this huge humungous Planetary like body, swinging my legs just chilling in the cosmos, El oh EL, like one would swing their legs as a child sitting on a wall on a hot summers schools out holiday, all of a sudden I heard this load series of explosions: KrHKrhKrh! crash! bang! wallop! further blinded by a great light, low & behold departing this mighty thunderous noise and echoes was these two great lights separating when this disembodiment process was complete before us was now the Sun and the Moon now disjoined but so inter-dependent on each othes light , then my eyes..... for full article click here to read the blog..

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