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Reboot Your thinking; Eliminating Self sabotage in New Moon in Gemini Podcast & blog

June 3, 2019

Welcome to this New Moon in Gemini podcast of June 3rd. In this episode London Astrologer Optiks Hamilton and Tarot reader Zena Edwards talk about the pervading themes that the people will be facing and dealing with one global perspective with our British spectacles on.

This astrological forecast explores: How we communicate within ourselves our internal chatter & inner voice communication and how this leads to self sabotage.(read the New Moon in Gemini blog (Astro) ) (tarot blog) New Modes of thinking, rebellion against conditioning, responsibility of child maintenance parental access in courts, corruption & abuse of power by Government and challenges in the weeks and months ahead, and so much more in the lead up to the full moon of June 16th 2019. 

Time stamps:

  1. What a new moon Gemini means in our daily lives & Health (00:25)
  2. The meaning of this moon phase's Sabian symbol and it effects on relationships and articulating your needs - the myth of the Slave Demands Her Rights From Her Mistress. Personal power, self sabotage and the number 6 (02:25)
  3. The shadow side of the Gemini new moon - focusing the mind (10:21)
  4. Focus in the news - family courts, governmental struggles to maintain power, Farage, idealism and the planet Neptune (14:03)
  5. Neptune? Idealism, protesting and the process of organisation and reflection in activist movements beyond tearing structures down- Extinction Rebellion. (19:48)
  6. Uranus in Taurus - owning land and agricultural technology (27:26)
  7. Institutions such as churches, charities and universities come under scrutiny in takes. What are they hiding? Number 7 (28:40)
  8. Government policy affecting the fishing and food industries affecting Brexit... and Jamie Oliver (35:00)
  9. Consortiums and collectives of people coming together to buy commercial business in response to new technology and job threats, Corbyn, Farrage (37:18)
  10. Managing Personal power for healthy relationships in a Gemini Moon (45.46)
  11. Big Pharma's war on nutrition (47:20)
  12. Healing Family Legacy Rifts - the challenge of knowing what you are fighting for - (50:38)
  13. Full Moon Harvesting - the successes (59:00)
  14. Full Moon financial forecasting (1:03:00)

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