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Journey Inwards to your Sacred Purpose Full Moon in Sagittarius

June 19, 2019

Sagittarius Special Broadcast Galactic centre Full Moon review of Gemini New Moon

Journey Inwards to your Sacred Purpose Full Moon in Sagittarius

The Ancients had mythological Deities to expound and simplify Cosmological mysteries. This Full Moon at 26° Sagittarius is a portal @ 09:30 UCT /GMT June 17th into the Great Sophia, Nuit, Maddona, Virgin Mary, Sacred Cow, Yemaya, Nommo of the Dogons in Mali etc…. In Astronomy / Astrology she is the Spiralling of the Galactical Centre. Enter the other dimensions in inner contemplation as she falls next to Jupiter retrograde, Jupiter is very close to the ecliptic of the Earth. These planetary alignments is a calling to Realign self to your sacred purpose and meet your Galactical parents. We (true man / woman) are all descended from the great celestial sea we are from this cosmic egg a vast dark womb called Dark matter, in the illustration Nut arches over Geb, who is actually masculine in this mythos, unusually. Hapi Full Moon in Sag. read the full blog here... 

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