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Destroy then Build, Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn

July 16, 2019

This beautiful magnanimous science / Art we called Astrology is always bang on the money, during the podcast in convo with Zena I said. " I have't looked at Stormzy natal chart but i can bet you any money their is something in his chart that symbolises the transits we are having".

Why out of all the celebrities did the Universe choose him to be the archetype of the current story being signposted in the skies. Mars represents friction war, blood, KNIFE CRIME, Leo represents the children and mercury the planet represents the youth, mercury and Mars are conjunct in Leo the sign of creativity, we have the biggest global festival and the archetypal born Leo the lion is Stormzy, with mars and Mercury conjuncting = (next to one another in the celestial skies) Stormzy's natal Sun its no accident that this great young man identified and bodied this ongoing critical national problem.

Tarot meets Astrology The Moon at  its peak in a partial eclipse sees  the Hierophant with the Two of Swords indicating a deadlock in the shift in the status quo. But it also speaks about arguments, conflict and tension within institutions themselves. They are in disorder and it is possible for ordinary people to make use of this chaos to acquire justice.

Any organisation or established collective may find themselves destabilised, and for them to claim some sense of stability they have to have a clear vision about what it is you are fighting for. This is what the Seven other Wands stands for - action behind convictions and principles.

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